Niksan Defence company entered the industry as a modest, small business in the 1970s. The company produced many types of hunting products especially shotguns, blank-signal pistols and fishing products. In the early 2000s, the company supplied parts to almost all the companies in our industry with the plastic injection machines acquired and the molds it has produced in-house.

Niksan Defence company, closely following the changing and developing technology, has taken firm steps towards, growth and factorization by adapting and innovative and devoted business model and making investments especially in the R&D department.

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18.000 M2
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More than 250
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PCP Air Rifles


Without exception, all of our products pass through the shot test one by one.

Tests such as groupman, pellet output speed, trigger weight, cocking lever pull weight are performed. The groupman test is applied to the target simulator at a distance of 25 meters with the support of professional equipment by making a total of 20 shots. Pellet velocity is measured with a digital chronograph device. The products that pass the test are on their way to be delivered to you.

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